Little Bit (Audio Soul Project Remix)

This sounds great. My pick would be the Audio Soul Project mix; nice and deep. Seriously, really cool vibe on that one.

Dan Berkson (Exun/Mood Music)

2 quality cuts from one of my favourite labels, Audio Soul Project remix of Little Bit being the one for me! Lush sounds and tight production, TOP RELEASE!

Rob Pearson (Evasive/Drugsex/Wrong)

For me, the Little Bit remix is where it’s AT! Who knew that Mazi would take a dark turn down the rabbit hole! Some very familiar influences in there, and really sounds like a well arranged track (I like dynamic arrangements that keep changing, personally). Keeps me interested the whole way through, and causes me to gyrate my hips uncontrollably. Awesome tune!

Brian Ffar (Listen to Reason/Tic Tac Toe/Proton Radio)

I really love that ASP remix of Flicker. That’s what I call electronic soul! Will play and chart.

DJ Linus (Exun)

DJ Support from: John Tejada, Tyler Stadius, Fafa Monteco, DJ Linus.


Artist: Flicker
Release Date: February 2006
Label: Gourmet Recordings
Serial number: GOUR033
Written, produced and mixed by: Gareth Cole and Paul Crowley. © Gourmet Recordings 2005
Additional production and remix by Mazi Namvar
Tempo: 125 bpm
Running Time: 6:09