Flicker's debut release on Plastic City Suburbia

Another deep progressive tribal groove that’s been pulled out of Lawlers, Fontaine’s & Digweed’s crate for the last couple of weeks.

This fierce two track ep is gonna get you wet when it comes to playtime. Flipwreck is a non stop driver, working a seriously infectious, stripped down tribal loop, and haunting, futuristic atmospherics that allow you to escape reality – not to mention the heavy-ass bassline and haunting vocal loops.

On the flip things get a bit more crazy as the overpowering bass driven track “Work It”, tells you just what you’re going to do.


DJ Support from: Steve Lawler, Seb Fontaine, John Digweed, Nathan Coles.


Artist: Flicker
Release Date: 24th September 2001
Label: Plastic City Suburbia
Serial number: PLAS26
Written, produced and mixed by: Gareth Cole and Paul Crowley. © UCMG 2001
Tempo: 126.9 bpm
Running Time: 8:22