Little Bit

The flip-side to Flicker's second release on Gourmet Recordings.

This is what Gourmet is all about; really raw, chunky, slightly abstract quality house music. I love this record, it will go in the ‘always works’ section of the crate!

Joshua Collins (Grayhound)

The second Gourmet release from Flicker, and in my opinion, even better than the first release; will definitely be playing both sides until the grooves wear out completely. Quality dance floor material that will easily keep the clubbers entertained and the trainspotters interested.

Little Mike (Casa Del Soul / Phrunky)

Tasty jackin’ quirkiness on both sides. Another fine Gourmet release.

Asad Rivzi

DJ Support from: Dave Mothersole, Fafa Monteco, David Duriez, Terry Francis, Chris Udoh, DJ Three, Eddie Richards, Lee Burridge, Mr. C and Danny Howells.


Artist: Flicker
Release Date: March 2005
Label: Gourmet Recordings
Serial number: GOUR023
Written, produced and mixed by: Gareth Cole and Paul Crowley. © Gourmet Recordings 2005
Tempo: 125 bpm
Running Time: 7:41